Lake Regulations and Restrictions

Clermont Lake

Adopted by POA Board of Directors




1)    Only manual or battery powered means of propulsion for vessels may be utilized on the lake. From time to time the POA Board may authorize the use of other means of propulsion power for vessels accomplishing specific purposes with respect to the lake that will accrue benefit to the POA.


2)    Fishing the lake is permitted but is limited to catch and release except that, the POA Board may, from time to time, authorize the taking of fish from the lake for specifically defined periods to control fish populations in the lake.


3)    Swimming or boating in the lake is at the risk of the swimmer or boater. The POA does not provide life guards nor does the POA warrant that the condition of the lake is in any manner adequate for safe swimming or boating. Parents of underage children are solely responsible for the safety of their children when the children are swimming in the lake.



If you have any questions, please contact a board member;

          President;                 Bob McGraw

 Vice-President;        Andy Johnson

 Secretary;                Sally Johnson

Treasurer;                Bill Dorn

Director;                  Jean Mobley

          Director  .                Stuart Smith