Well yes it sometimes snows in North Carolina



Dale Stroud and Roy Fulcher....Cooks



                                                                                                                        Pig Pickin, 2004 



      Johny Lipes and John Badillo  headed to food                                          A full time lake resident  sunning                                                                    



Kayaking                                                                              Sailing                                                            Just Enjoying the sites


 Old Mr. Blue                                                                    A beauty of a sunset                                                Diving for goodies



Flossy the resident guard goose                                            Emma and her babies                                            Jim at what he most loves to do


Lots of turtles around                                                           A gathering                                                                 In  Mallards  Heaven

 Croquet anyone ?                                                                Nice Bass Jim                                                        Cattle egrets visit the lake


Hugely and Louie grooming                                                                              A misty morning


                                Dale a sailing                                                                            A Spring day with Carolina Blue sky


                                      A morning flight